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Fruit and Vegetable Market Bedugul

Fruit and Vegetable Market Bedugul 1

Bedugul (Bukit Mungsu) Traditional Market in Candikuning
Bali Fuit and Vegetable Market, half a kilometer from the Beratan Lake along the road back towards Denpasar, there is a flower and vegetable market. Bedugul is the highland garden of Bali, producing lots of cool climate fruits and vegetables. Vegetable Market known also as Pasar Kandang, is one of the most complete highland vegetable market with many type of highland green vegetable products, flowery, and greenery. During week end or public holidays this market is full from early morning up to the evening as the people passing the area on their journey from Denpasar to Singaraja or contrary will stop at the market to buy any product especially the vegetable and the fruits, and some buy greenery or flowery on pot. In the market here you can find strawberries plus a myriad of tropical fruits, vegetables, corn and orchids. This is a great place to buy exotic spices, with mixed gift packs being especially popular. The location of Bedugul which is more then 1.000 meters above sea level makes. There is also an art section of the market with lots of handicrafts.

Fruit and Vegetable Market Bedugul 2

How to get to Fruit and Vegetable Market Bedugul :
1. 2 hours from Denpasar
2. 1 ½ hours from Tabanan
3. 1 hour from Singaraja

What you can see around Fruit and Vegetable Market Bedugul :
1. Ulundanu Temple, A beautiful temple is sited on the soars of lake Beratan and casts a neat reflection it its still waters. The temple takes on an ephemeral quality at dawn. Five hundreds meters from the fruit and the vegetable market Bedugul, and actually projecting into the lake, is the Hindhu / Buddhist temple of Pura Ulun Danu. It’s very picturesque, with a large banyan tree at the entrance, attractive gardens and one courtyard isolated on a tiny island in the lake.
2. Bali Botanical Garden is unique in Bali as a place for botanical research, survey, conservation, recreation and education. It provides a place where you can relax in beautiful and peaceful surrounding while learning about the function of plants in the daily lives of Balinese as well as some interesting rainforest plantation and birdlife.
3. Jatiluwih, one of the most picturesque areas lies about 20 kilometers north of Tabanan, in Bali’s western region. Situated majestically in the hills 850 meters above sea level, Jatiluwih means ”really beautiful”. An appropriate name indeed with expansive views across terraced rice paddies, undulating hills and valleys. Arrive at lunchtime and enjoy a meal in the restaurant while soaking up the view, cool climate and fresh air. It is stretch from the foothill of the volcano of Batukaru to the south coast.

Fruit and Vegetable Market Bedugul 3


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