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Join us on Jungle Trekking, a trek through virgin South East Asian rainforest by stunning crater lakes nestled in the central highlands of Bali. Driving deep into the heartland of Bali our trek begins by descending the steps to an ancient temple guarding the entrance to the timeless beauty of virgin rainforest that is part of a Balinese National Park lining a stunning crater lake.

Venturing into another world under the canopy of enormous trees we encounter the wide variety of flora thriving in this unique environment: orchids, ferns, palms, fungi, vines, creepers, strangling figs and ground cover. The delightful sounds of abundant birdlife is constant and only the clamour of monkeys interrupts their melodies. Beautifully coloured butterflies flitter through undergrowth, squirrels scurry from branch to branch in the canopy and occasionally, miniature deer are seen on the track leading through the rainforest. There is also a program to protect, breed and reintroduce the endangered South East Asian eagle in the area and you can view their large nests in the breeding season.

Our experienced guide leads you through this wonderful world of nature pointing out plants and flowers of interest, explaining their benefits to mankind and to local fauna and stops to show you the best views in the area. After trekking through the rainforest we arrive at another ancient temple on the edge of the lake and have a short rest and snack/fruit break. We then trek along the lakeside and get a different view of the flora and fauna living in this stunning environment. We pass through a very traditional village and stop to say hello to the locals before reaching our vehicles.

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We drive back along a spectacular spur overlooking two crater lakes where we see monkeys playing in the forest by the side of the road (we can feed them) before stopping for a delicious Indonesian buffet lunch overlooking another lake. There is a local flower/fruit market in the area and we stop there on the way home. This is a full day tour. Pick up in the morning is dependant on where you are staying.

Jungle Trekking Price :

  • Adult : IDR 850.000 / person
  • Children : IDR 650.000 / person

Note : Rates are quoted per person for minimum of 2 person

Jungle Trekking Bedugul Tour Price Include :

  • 2 hours Jungle Trekking
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Private A/C Car
  • Professional English Speaking Driver
  • Entrance Ticket at Tourism Object
  • Petrol

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