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Leak Balinese Magic Mystics

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In Balinese mythology, Leak is Balinese Magic the wicked witch. Leak meaning witches and evil means. Leak can only be seen at night by the shamans hunters leak. In daylight he looks like a human being, while at night he was in the cemetery to find the organs in the human body uses to make magic potions. Magic potions that can change the shape of the leak into a tiger, monkey, pig or be like Rangda. If necessary he can also take organs from living people.

Trust It is told also that Leak can be either a human head with the organs that are still hanging in the head. Leak said to be flying to search for pregnant women, to then suck the blood of babies who are still in the womb. There are three well-known leak. Two of them were female and one male. According to Balinese belief, Leak was a human being who practice bad magic and need blood to live embryos. It also said that Leak can turn themselves into pigs or a ball of fire, while the actual shape Leyak has a long tongue and sharp teeth. Some people say that Leak magic only works on the island of Bali, so that Leak is found only in Bali. If someone stabbed the neck Leak from the bottom towards the head when the head separated from his body, then Leak can not be reunited with his body. If the head is separated at a certain time period, then Leak will die. Mask leak with sharp teeth and long tongue that is also sometimes used as home decoration.

Java Island is famous for its many ghosts called kuntilanak, Genderuwo or pocong. Although the ghosts of these types also exist throughout the region including in Indonesia and Bali, but the ghost of Balinese society is known by the ghost leak. Does it leak? Do the same with the other ghosts like kuntilanak, Genderuwo or pocong?

Leak is actually one of the teachings of mysticism in Bali. Basically, the teaching leak Bali is a teaching that aims to help people. However, later used by people who are not responsible for hurting people. Up to now two types of science known as Bali, which is leak-white science and black magic leak. Which then the general public is widely known that black magic of Bali leak.

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Leak Bali, in particular leak that black magic is a science that could transform themselves into other forms. Some form of transformation common leak is often seen in Bali is a ball of fire, monkey, pig, tiger, Rangda to form the motor. During the day, people who practice black magic leak will look like ordinary people, not at all different. But when the day late in the afternoon, this person will begin to practice their knowledge. The place itself is also not arbitrary change, transformation usually occurs in the cemetery so that the leak is identical to the ghost ghosts graves.

Perpetrators of witchcraft is synonymous with women. Its origin is unknown but associated with Hindu mythology mentions about the existence of the so-called Queen of queens leak Girah Ing. According to belief, the black magic of Bali this leak could be lowered, especially in female offspring. People who pursue this science will suffer in a long time before he found someone to derived knowledge, prior to that he will not die.

Leak is usually like a ghost to disturb small children, or just wandering the streets at night. At certain times, they can also fight each other. This battle is not because a particular issue, but rather on the strength test. At that time, the battle will be visible through the night sky, which will occur fragments of fire in the sky like a shooting star.

The most sensitive in recognizing the existence of this leak is a baby ghost. Babies often cry at night or at noon to the night shift if there is a leak ghost walking near his home. Babies are also very risky to attack this leak so there is confidence in the people of Bali that took the baby out shall carry red onion, and charcoal on his forehead smeared kitchen. It is believed to counteract the negative forces that attacked the baby.

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