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North Coast Diving

North Coast Diving

North Coast Diving is very convenient, save time without frustration. Good visibility, the reefs are all quite similar coral covered by sea mound rising from a sandy bottom with many reef fish. Suitable for all levels inclusive popular night dive.

Close Encounters (Pemuteran)

Close Encounters offers a wide variety of hard and soft corals. Schooling Snapper, Trivially and Batfish are amongst the many fish species regularly seen here. Good macro opportunities with Pipefish and Nudist. Frogfish and Crocodile fish are also sighted here.

Napoleon Reef (Pemuteran)

Having recovered from damage caused in 1997, Napoleon Reef again displays good corals and large numbers of reef fish. Rays and Cuttlefish are often seen here, and as with Close Encounters a variety of macro surprises await the eagle-eyed. Napoleon Reef is the most convenient site to dive at night in Pemuteran.

Macro Site (Pemuteran)

There is yet another macro site in North Bali (in addition to Secret Bay and Seraya). This one is in Pemuteran itself, and is another site to dive for Mimic Octopus opportunities, Nudibranch, Frogfish.

Puri Jati

A few minutes from Lovina, macro subject dived from the shore, no currents. Sandy and a lot of seaweed discovered within the last 3 years, this site is most famous for the chance to see the rare Mimic Octopus. Other species of Octopus can also be seen here, as can Cuttlefish, a wide variety of crabs and shrimps, Eels, various Nudibrach, and even Devilfish, Ambon Scorpion fish and Flying Gunard. Lots of Seahorses. A wide area that can take several dives to cover.


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