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NorthEast Coast Diving

NorthEast Coast Diving

Offers great opportunity for diving with the must-dive of the US Liberty wreck and the unforgettable night and sunrise dive. No currents, calm surface, black volcanic sand, abundant marine life, rich and health reef corals for great memories.

US Liberty Wreck

Standing here on the cobbled stone beach of Tulamben Bay, just 40 meters from the beach lies one of the best and safest wreck dives to be found anywhere in the world. The wreck of the US Liberty is probably the most famous and popular dive site in Bali and for good reasons, not only is their a 120 meter wreck just off the beach but its swarming with tame and curious marine life. The wreck of the Liberty is probably one of the only wrecks in the world that you can safely explore at night and with full moon above it is something you will never forget.

Kubu Reef

A rich and healthy reef a few minutes by road from the other Tulamben dive sites dived from the shore. This site features ridges heading from the shore down to around 30m. In addition to healthy hard and soft corals divers can often see Jackfish, Barracuda, Triggerfish, and Turtles on a lucky day.

Drop Off

A short section of steep wall, and then a gentler coral covered slope make this a very satisfying dive. Giant Gorgonian Fans & Giant Barrel Sponges. A good place to see Octopus & Cuttlefish, adult Lionfish, Rays and a big mean-looking Barracuda. The wall carries all the way down to 70m.

Coral Garden

A shallow reef down to just 12m, but colorful and full of life. Lots of Blue Ribbon Eels, Razorfish, and the glorious Emporer Angelfish. A variety of Sweet tips and Fusiliers. Darting Moonwrasse and Damsels. Lots of macro.

Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk is a beautiful small bay discovered as a Bali dive site in 1984. Colorful wall and deep slopes which are extremely rich with big gorgonians, fans and sponges. The area is notorious for sharks, rays and reef fish


A rich coral slope, masses of reef fish, and an immiscible colony of giant Garden Eels. The best corals at 25-30m, so ideally dived on Nitro. Generally calm conditions and warm water.

Underwater Island

Swim out to the descent point, and then follow the bottom down to this underwater mound starting at around 22m. Interesting formations of healthy corals scattered among white sand. Sea snakes, various Nudibranch and good macro opportunities. Makes an interesting dive if you decide to spend the night in Amed.


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