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Otonan – Birthday Ceremony in Bali

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Otonan or Ngotonin is a ceremony commemorating the birthday of one year based on Wuku, 6 (six) months times 35 days = 210 days. The fall day of Otonan will coincide with Sapta Wara, Panca Wara, and Wuku. Otonan ceremonial purposes is to give thanks to Hyang Widhi for the gift of longevity, as well as please the safety and welfare.

Different with the birthday anniversary of using only the calculation of the date and month. Otonan conducted every 6 months (210 days) once by using the calendar calculations of bali, 1 month = 35 days.

Otonan ceremony always accompanied in prayer, along with giving a string bracelet to someone who was conducting the otonan ceremony. Prayer has the meaning of hope to be physically strong, strong in determination, strong in belief in God and truth, and strong in facing all challenges of life.

Symbolic meaning of the bracelet thread:

  1. Yarn in Bali was “beneng” means straight, and also because the threads are often used to sew something and become straight. The point is that the heart is always on the straight and true.
  2. Yarn has a flexible nature and not easily broken as a symbol of resiliency of the heart and not easily discouraged.

While the prayer can be seen meaning:

  1. That life is like on a boat, that every day we must go to work to meet the needs of this life.
  2. Life is like a game of chance that with determination and strong convictions must be won.
  3. So that “life boat” do not easily drowned out by the circumstances, we must always be able to cope so that they can live a long life until old age.

That only with effort and work that easily could get a lot of good fortune.

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