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Penjor – Symbol Thanks and Greatness of God


Penjor is one of the means Upakara of celebrating Galungan. Penjor is the symbol of a mountain that provides safety and welfare. Goal setting of penjor is as Swadharma Hindus to bring a sense of dedication and thank to Ida Widi Wasa and as a token of gratitude for the prosperity of human beings who delegated Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa.

Balinese society knows 2 types penjor, among others:

1. Penjor sacred. Is part of religious ceremonies, such as Galungan rites and piodalan ceremonies at the temples. Penjor used at the time of the Galungan is sanggah penjor, the lump of pala bungkah and pala gantung, sampiyan, Lamak, snack, etc..
2. Penjor decoration. Pepenjoran or penjor decoration is usually used when the race village, art party, etc.. Pepenjoran not contain sanggah penjor, the absence of pala bungkah or pala gantung, porosan, etc.

Materials and equipment in making penjor:

1. A curved-tipped bamboo, decorated with coconut leaves or palm leaves are young and the other leaves (Plawa). There penjor tip white cloth as a symbol of purity.
2. Equipment, among others: pala bungkah or tubers (such as cassava vines), pala gantung (such as coconut, cucumber, bananas, etc..), pala wija or grains (such as corn, rice, etc..), snack, 11 coins, and disagreed with the offerings. At the top of penjor given sampian penjor with porosan (betel, lime, areca nut) and flowers.
3. On the Kuningan day equipped with the offerings of endongan, Tamiang and kolem.

Installation time:

1. Held on Anggara Wage wara Dungulan (the day before Galungan) after deliver ”banten Penampahan Galungan “.
2. Penjor installed or plugged in “lebuh” in front of the entrance courtyard. While protested and arch penjor end facing to the street.
3. Penjor can be removed at Redite Umanis Langkir day (the day after Kuningan). Equipment such as sampian, Lamak and other upakara Galungan equipment can be burned. Some of his ashes are stored in a young coconut ivory in kasturi.
4. On the day of Buddha Kliwon Pahang (35 days after Galungan), ash in the ivory palm planted in yard or swept away equipped with kawangen facilities and 11 coins and is accompanied by a request urip pakukuh soul (kadirgayusan).

PenjorElements in penjor are sacred symbols as the embodiment of Vedic teachings which shows the value of religious ethics, namely:

1. White cloth as a symbol of strength Hyang Iswara.
2. Bamboo as a symbol of strength Hyang Brahma.
3. Coconut as a symbol of the strength of Hyang Rudra.
4. Janur as a symbol of strength Hyang Mahadeva.
5. Leaves (Plawa) as a symbol of strength Hyang Sangkara.
6. Pala bungkah and pala gantung as a symbol of strength Hyang Vishnu.
7. Sugar cane as a symbol of strength Hyang Sambu.
8. Sanggah Ardha Candra as a symbol of Shiva Hyang power.
9. Upakara as a symbol of strength and Hyang Sadha Shiva and Parama Shiva.

Communities in Bali have a belief, the best way to give thanks to God is to make offerings of all the things He has given us. Therefore, Penjor assembled from various natural products. This is to remind us that everything we use and enjoy are the grace of God.


Symbol Thanks Symbol Greatness of God


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