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Quicksilver Cruise

Quicksilver Cruise

Quicksilver Cruise, as the only cruise to the picturesque island of Nusa Penida, Quicksilver proudly transfer passenger daily and innovative sleek alumunium vessel. Develop in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef, the 37-Meter Waterpiercer Catamaran, Quicksilver is world renowned for its high standard of passenger comfort and safety.  Instead of riding over the top waves, the twin hulls actually pierce the water below surface, thus enabling a much smoother ride in all sea and weather conditions.  While relax in the luxury air condition cabin, 3rd level deck is open for sunbathing also to feel sea breeze.


Quicksilver Day Cruise 1 Quicksilver Day Cruise 2


Quicksilver dual level Mega Pontoon, The biggest in Bali, floating like an island in a coral sea located at Toyapakeh Bay.

Various activities alongside the pontoon such as snorkeling, view the spectacular underwater life from a semi submersible vessel or the underwater observatory, waterslide, thalaso sea water treatment and other watersport is available upon request. Our qualified multilingual crew will be happy to serve you in every activity.

Quicksilver Pontoon 1 Quicksilver Pontoon 2


Diving services available upon request either for certified diver or introductory diving for the inexperience at any dive sites in Bali. Which one you choose snorkeling in the snorkeling area or Snorkeling Adventure with our trained Snorkeling Guide will take you to watch closely the incredible coral garden.

To end the day’s activity, Quicksilver Sunset Dinner Cruise will be the most perfect choice. An International Buffet Dinner will be served, while the live music entertainment accompanied passenger dining. Completed the night merrier Modern sexy dance and disco time will add the enjoyment of spending holiday in Bali.  In the evening Quicksilver Sunset Dinner Cruise is the perfect way to enjoy Bali Sunset which is the most spectacular panorama and seeing the skyline temples silhouette against the multi-colored clouds. Folk singer will add the romantic moment, while our staff will serve welcome cocktail and amuse gueule.


Quicksilver Banana Boat 1 Quicksilver Banana Boat 2


Quicksilver Diving 1 Quicksilver Diving 2


On Main Deck Live music will be performed accompanying our guests having a sumptuous International Buffet Dinner. Completing the program Modern Sexy Dance and Disco Time will be entertained by Quicksilver Dancer.

Quicksilver Sunset

Full Day Cruise Package US$ 95/person

Children (5 – 14 years) US$ 48


Dinner Cruise US$ 45/person

Children (5 – 14 years) US$ 23

Quicksilver Nusa Penida Island Day Cruise Schedule

( Toyapakeh )

08.45 am : Boarding Time
09.00 am : BreakfastComplimentary tea, coffee, orange juice, and pastries
09.15 am : Depart from Benoa HarborOur journey to Nusa Penida Island will take ± 60 minutesLife jacket and safety drill followed by a commentarySnorkeling demonstration in the main deck cabin
10.20 am : Commentary at Ceningan Strait
10.30 am : Arrive at the Quicksilver Pontoon at Toyapakeh BayActivities included in your day :* Subsea* Snorkeling

* Waterslide

* Ocean Water treatment

* Village Tour

* Cycling Tour

* Banana Boat Rides

* Underwater Observatory


Optional Extra Activities :

* Scuba Diving

* Jetski

11.30 am : A delicious tropical buffet lunch will be available
until 14.00 on the pontoon. You may have lunch and sit outside
in the shaded area of our pontoon.
14.30 pm : Complimentary afternoon tea, coffee and snack
will be available until departure
14.45 pm : Quicksilver horn will sound to recall passengers
from the beach to return to Quicksilver
14.50 pm : A head count will be conducted, to ensure that all passengers
are back on board. You will assist us if you would please take a sit
and remain stationary until the count is complete.
15.00 pm : Quicksilver departs Nusa Penida. Tea and coffee is taken off
for safety reasons. Souvenirs counter will be on sale in Main Deck cabin
15.30 pm : Serve refresher towels
16.00 pm : Arrive at Benoa Harbor

Quicksilver Sunset Dinner Cruise Schedule

17.30 pm : Boarding TimeEnjoy Complimentary, Welcome drink, Amuse Gueules
and Flower Lei upon boarding
18.00 pm : Depart from Benoa HarborLife Jacket demonstrationSide InformationUnforgettable Sunset time on Sun Sun Deck
accompanied by Folk singers Bread Stick
karaoke time at Bridge Deck
18.30 pm : International Buffet DinnerWhile enjoying a sumptuous dinner,
Quicksilver band will play music as a background
19.00 pm : Modern Sexy Dance
19.20 pm : Special honeymoon with Cocktail and GameBirthday Celebration
20.00 pm : Limbo DanceDancing time, guest are invited to dance
and sing together
20.30 pm : Arrive at Benoa Harbor


Quicksilver Dancer

Quicksilver Dishes :


Orange juice and pastries

Lettuce mimosa, tomato and lemon rings, gado-gado
Nichoice salad and kemchee

Assorted smoked seafood, Smoked Danish Ham,

Thai beef with paprika
Sweet and sour fish
Stir-fried squid with tomato sauce
Fried noodles
Steamed white rice
Salted mix vegetables oyster sauce
String bean with chili sauce

Barbecue Chicken
Chicken sate
Grilled King Prawns
Grilled Fresh Corn

Thousand island dressing, vinaigrette dressing, cocktail sauce
Tartar sauce, peanut sauce, sweet Soya sauce, sliced lemon, butter and crackers

Pudding, Indonesian sweets, fruits cocktail
Tropical fresh fruits in season
Sliced fresh fruits


Quicksilver Dinner


Amuse guile

Coleslow salad, sweet corn salad, mixed salad
Seafood salad, Kimchi, and tomato salad

Smoked white marlin
Smoked ham in pineapple
Party Sushi

Thom Yam Kung

Fried Chicken with Barbecue Sauce
Stew pork on vegetables
Fresh tuna fish with tomato sauce
Spicy prawns
Fried noodles
Steamed white rice
Sautéed mix vegetables oyster sauce

Beef Wellington with brown sauce

Vinaigrette dressing, Italian dressing, thousand-island dressing
Cocktail sauce, gravy chili Soya sauce, sliced lemon, Butter and crackers

Indonesian sweet, Caramel Custard
Fruits compote
Tropical fresh fruits in season


NB :
Changing may occur on the above menu for variations and seasonal availability. If you have any special requests, we would be more than happy to take these into consideration.


Quicksilver Pontoon 3 Quicksilver Explore



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