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Babi Guling Rahayu Nusa Dua

Babi Guling Rahayu 1

Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) may be the most famous Balinese cuisine. Babi Guling served from one whole baby pig, in which its inside is taken out replaced by the chopped spices that include shallots, garlic, ginger, turmeric, galangal, pepper coriander, candlenuts, chilies, lemon grass and lots of whole cassava leaves.

The cassava leaves functioned to spread the spices evenly, not concentrated only in a certain court. A big stick is inserted from the mouth through to the anus to hold it when grilled on coconut-husks fire. Therefore, a whole grilled pork can be gotten.

But, the pork has to be cut to make chunks before serving. You don’t have to pay for a whole pig, should you want to enjoy the Babi Guling, except you want to hold a party. Anywhere in Bali, you can easily find the Babi Guling food stall or restaurants.

The prices are varying, usually according to what you asked for. A set of Babi Guling is commonly served with Lawar (spicy chopped meats), crackled pork rinds, Urutan (Balinese spicy sausage) and fried meats. The young jackfruit soup is sometimes also served.

Babi Guling Rahayu 2


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