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Ceremonies Offering

Many Hindu rites and ceremonies take place in a temple setting and are directed toward a god or goddess, but by no means do all such rituals take place in the temple; indeed, many Hindu rituals are distinctly domestic affairs, taking place in individual homes. And certainly not all rites and ceremonies are directed toward the gods and goddesses. Virtually every aspect of Hindu life, in fact, is marked by ritual actions.

For the Balinese sacrifices are as means of communication with God in His various manifestations.

There are five kinds of the religious scarifies called PANCA YADNYA they are :

1. DEWA YADNYA: The scarifies which is held at the community of family temple, and is designed to ask God for his blessings.

a. Odalan (temples festival)

b. Galungan and Kuningan

c. Saraswati

Ceremonies Praying

2. PITRA YADNYA: The scarifies which is dedicated for the benefit of the ancestral souls. When a person dies while his family is not able yet to carry out the cremation, the body is buried, with the head in the direction of either the mountain or the rising sun. As soon as the means are available to hold the cremation, the body is dug up again.

a. Memukur

3. MANUSIA YADNYA: The scarifies related to the human life cycle from birth to adulthood, such as tooth filing, religious thanksgiving meals for unborn, wedding ceremonies.

a. Pegedong-gedongan : Six months after conception

b. Pedapetan : Birth ceremonies

c. Kepus Pungsed : The umbilical cord falls off

d. Ngelepas Hawon: Twelve days after birth

e. Tutug Kambuhan : Forty-two days after birth

f. Telubulanin : Three months (105 days) after birth

g. Otonan : Six months (210 days) after birth

h. Ngempungin : Adult teeth begin to appear

i. Maketus Gigi :Last milk tooth fall out

j. Munggah daa/teruna : Puberty

k. Mapandes : Tooth filing

l. Pawiwahan : Marriage

m. Pawintenan : Purification for study

n. Potong Gigi ( Tooth filing ceremony)

o. Ngaben (Cremation ceremony)

4. RESI YADNYA: an offering or sacrifices for holy persons.

5. BUTA YADNYA: The sacrifices for all the creatures in the universe in order to attain harmony.

Temple Ceremonies


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