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Labhagga Restaurant Pacung

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There is a saying in the restaurant business that the three most critical factors in the potential success of a restaurant are, location location location. We have the perfect location, and offer “A View to Dine For”

Labhagga Restaurant, we are not only a restaurant, but also a feeling.

Our concepts are quality and freshness. The supplies are delivered fresh every morning and being in the heart of the vegetable growing region quality is assured.

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We offer friendly service with delightful Bali smiles and no pressure.
Cleanliness is also very high on our list of priorities; no Bali Belly here!!!!

Our menu offers a broad view with many of the local Indonesian favorites cooked to perfection. You can choose from our sumptuous Indonesian buffet or, if you prefer shades of home we have a selection of European dishes on offer in our A La Carte menu.

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The ambience, view and décor are the entertainment. Let them carry you along on your dining experience accompanied by our selection of unobtrusive background music. Whilst savoring your meal you are surrounded by a rich reservoir of images. Linger for a while; perhaps partake in a refreshing cocktail or two. Relax and enjoy the tranquility. Add to your memories of fascinating diverse Bali.

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