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Mekotek – Tradition for Reject Disaster

Mekotek 1

One of the unique tradition in Bali, where thousands of people from each “Banjar” in the Munggu, Badung participate by bringing the wood along the 3.5 meter, this tradition called “Mekotek”. Mekotek itself derived from the word-tek tek which is the sound of wood that pitted one another.

This tradition carried on every six months, precisely on the Kuningan Holiday. Based on elders of the Villages info this tradition which has been running since the time of the kingdom first, the core of this tradition is a royal memorial Mengwi tenacity of the soldiers in their fight to defend their regional. Young men gathered in front of the Pura Desa in local villages around At 2 pm, then went around the village by bringing wood each followed by a procession irngan other villagers who brought the whip Sakti and Shielded Mengwi royal relics, banners (a type of flag)and Gamelan Beleganjur.

Then at every crossroads village,  every young man who was carrying the wood gather and make form such as the Mountain. There are one or two young men had climbed the mountain woods, dancing over the mountains of the wood. And the young men who form the timber had been excitedly jumped up and down and ran up the wooden hill had collapsed.

A few years ago this activity is not carried out due to various reasons, and it causing disaster/plague which cause many villagers sick and even die. Until today this tradition has never abandoned and will always be carried out every six months.

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