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Ngereh Ritual To Sacralize Rangda and Barong

Ngereh Ritual 1


‘Ngereh‘ is a mystical ritual procession carried out in the middle of the night and it was the final stage of the ‘sacralized’ process Rangda, or Barong and Barong Landung masks. This is the final stage of the process to rehabilitate old or damaged mask. The meaning of ‘Sacralize’ is activities to empowerment the wooden mask into sacred relic. When mask are ‘sacralize’, the mask will have a mystical and magical power.

According to Ida Pedanda Bang Buruan Manuaba (one of the Balinese Priest)from Geria Muding-Kerobokan district, Badung Regency delinquent, ngereh is symbolic ritual which using sacred characters (aksara) contained in swalita and mudra (Bali character) which are summarized into one that becomes kalimusada and kalimusali (Balinese Mystical power). which is usually used for Surya Sewana ritual (routine Ceremony by Balinese Hindu priest in the morning, in order to respect for the sun ). From kalimusada and it appears kalimusali, the combined dwijaksara five characters then became tri Aksara (Three character), Dwi aksara (Two Character) and eventually became Eka Aksara (one character) (OM).

Ngereh Ritual goals is in order to turn on the power of Ista Dewata (God in human organs) or lingga (position of) God according to each function, especially to empowerment/inisiate the man-made thing. In some Lontar (palm leaves scipture) containing the ngereh ritual is Lontar Canting Mas and Lontar Siwer Mas heritage of Ida Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rauh / Danghyang Dwijendra. Ngereh means to empowerments human core organs (the chakras) in the human body.

In the human body there are seven chakras that must be turned into kundalini rising called ‘Rah’ or ‘ngereh’. In other words we must combining ‘ongkara ngadeg’ and ‘ongkara sungsang’ in this body that aims to activate the power of human itself. It aims to achieve self-awareness and be one with divine qualities. With divine attributes are more stable, will help us do good activities in life. Balinese community known that process by generating an aura (taksu) which based on inner strength. So, not always ngereh ritual is scary. Even if it is scary that a specification of ngereh ritual. Special to the Barong Landung and Rangda ngereh ritual must refer to dresta (tradition) that the local wisdom. Because in Bali every region has a different tradition in Ngereh.

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Ngereh and Kerauhan (Trance)

According to I Made Karda a Rangda dancer explained that ngereh similar to ‘kerauhan’(trance) words or possessed, which means being possessed in the manifestation of God spirit . They will move his body in accordance with the powers that occupied it.

There are 2 kerauhan in Bali :

1. ‘Kerauhan’ which usually occurs on ceremony in the temple, or sanggah kemimitan, this is a signal that yadnya has done well, does not work by some mistake.

2. ‘Kerauhan’ in order to bring the Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God Almighty) manifestation when establishing a ‘pemangku’ (balinese priest) in niskala (Unseen world), at a temple or sanggah kemimitan. This is called the ‘pemangku’ appointed by Ida Bathara (God manifestation). Another is ‘kerauhan’ in order to ‘pasupati’(sacred empowerment) wooden ‘pule’(kind of sacred wood) ‘Rangda’ mask . After undergoing this ritual the Rangda masks has called Ratu Ayu or other term agreed upon by the community.

The Ngereh Process

Ida Bagus Sudiksa a spiritualist, Calonarang puppeteer and Pratima, Barong and Rangda creator stated that after they finish making a sacred relic, then ‘pengatepan’ ritual performed, melaspas, nueden, ‘pasupati’ by the Balinese priest and then implemented ‘pengerehan’ ritual.

Ritual in Setra (graveyard) is associated with magic and the supernatural are closely associated with the soul of Hindu religion in Bali which adopts shivaism. Associated with ‘ngereh’, there also some Lontar which defined ‘ngereh’ ritual such as ‘Lontar Maya Tatwa’ and ‘Lontar Barong Swari’ which includes about ‘kanda pat’ (Balinese mystical power), The process of making Barong, Rangda, Telek, Jauk and other sacred mask or relic.

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