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Penampahan Kuningan in Tanah Lot

Penampahan Kuningan

The hindu ceremony will continue until next month in Tanah Lot. After Galungan a few days ago, now is Kuningan ceremonial. Today is Penampahan Kuningan. Penampahan Kuningan, Sukra Wage Kuningan is a day to prepare everything, especially the offering for Kuningan Day, tommorrow. Beside penampahan kuningan, days before there are so many ritual for balinese people. People believe that during Kuningan Holy Day, often called Tumpek Kuningan, Dewa and Pitara gods again bless people, animals, and the natural environment, with waranugraha award both physically and spiritually. On Anggara Umanis Kuningan, Four days before Kuningan Day which falls on Tuesday (Anggara). It is the day when Balinese people do various preparations for the upcoming Kuningan Day.

Pujawali Bhatara Wisnu (Buda Pahing Kuningan), Three days before Kuningan Day which falls on wednesday (Buda). It is the day when the protector of the universe, God Wisnu, comes down to earth. On this day, Balinese people worship God Wisnu, the Great Preserver of the Universe, for the protection of the world. Penyajaan Kuningan (Wrespati Kuningan), Two days before Kuningan Day which falls on Thursday (Wrespati). It is a preparation day for Kuningan. Penampahan Kuningan (Sukra Wage Kuningan), One day before Kuningan Day which falls on Friday (Sukra). It is the day to do various preparations especially the offerings for the religious celebration of Kuningan Day.

Same with Galungan day, on kuningan all balinese people make a penjor. Penjor is the symbol of Mount Agung and also the symbol of the presence of the God. It is made from a long bamboo pole with its curved end, and decorated with rice paddies, corn on the cob, coconut, cakes, a piece of white or yellow cloth, etc. This as a sign for reminding the human that everything we enjoy in this world is from the God. It is the symbol of Mount Agung, and also as gratitude for the agricultural produce. Mount Agung is the symbol of holiness as a connection to Mount Semeru, Mount Himalaya, or Mahameru, which is believed as the place where Bhatara Putra Jaya stays. We can be happy and celebrate for everything that we enjoy. But, the celebration must be based on dharma or holy bible. Happiness must always tend to the limits of ethics, such as holding art performance, literature night, or sport activities, etc. We must leave the old ways, which is not based on ‘susila’ teachings (rules of good conduct). And the realization of those activities must be based on desa (place), ‘kala’ (time), and ‘patra’ (situation).

Ngelawar Penampahan Kuningan

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