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Plaga / Petang Village

Petang Village

Located 800 meters above sea level, about 45 kilometers north of Denpasar at the northern most point of Badung Regency. Plaga / Petang Village present interesting agrotourism areas due to their intact ecology. Their vast horticulture of vegetable, coffee vanilla, corn and more add to the beauty of the sights and their charming atmosphere.

Venture into mixed-crop coffee gardens with local farmers and watch the organic coffee making process unfold. Coffee almost runs in the veins of the people here and you’ll gain in-depth insight into the work involved in filling your coffee cup and the behind the scenes issues of staying afloat in the coffee business.

Stay the village overnight if you like and steal out into the morning fog to look for native birds with local explore ricefields, bamboo thickets, native forest and jungle-like gardens. Find out which plants are used for what, and community strategies for conserving their local resources.

This village offers a rural atmosphere that is still beautiful with the native plants and horticulture which includes a variety of vegetables and fruits, terraced rice fields with the river Ayung the holiday that will deliver some rafting to enjoy the beautiful natural countryside. Do rafting on the Ayung River is very challenging, with the level of difficulty is high enough that starting from the confluence of two rivers flow “Campuhan” with a nearby waterfall to create atmosphere start to become more impressive. In addition to the presence of several waterfalls along the river, the river canyon about 300 meters will also give memories apart, where thousands of bats (bat) fly around looking for food, birds other rare, so monkey gray and black, sometimes appear from the bush. Following the activities of rafting here means to explore the remote beauty of nature in rural transported intact by professional staff from KUD petang.

How to get to Petang Village :

1. By car from Ngurah Rai International Airport around 1,5 hours drive
2. 60  minutes from Sangeh Monkey Forest
3. 40 Minutes from Nungnung Waterfall

What you can see around Petang Village :
1. Only 30 minutes from Petang Village you can see the longest bridge in Bali calls Tukad Bangkung Bridge
2. Sangeh Monkey Forest the first monkey forest in bali introduced to the tourist.

Jembatan Tukad Bangkung


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