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Pulaki Temple

Pulaki Temple 1

Descriptions :
It is located in Pulaki Village, Seririt Sub District, Buleleng Regency, north part of Bali. It is just 3 hours drive from Bali’s International Airport or 1 hour drive from Singaraja town. It is strategically set in the main road from Singaraja to Gilimanuk with the group of monkeys as the identity for the traveler who wants to visit this temple.Pulaki Temple or Pura Pulaki is a Hindu Shrine located in the hill bank and in front of the beautiful beach in north part of Bali. It is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali situated in the coastal side west part of Singaraja town or 1 hour drive to the west from the town. This temple is set on the flat land with stone hill bank as a back drop meanwhile the blue ocean is just in front of the temple. Monkeys roam around inside and outside the temple, attacking the offerings brought by the people. So guard your valuable items and better not to wear anything that can attract the monkey’s attention.

When you visit this temple, the common sight will be men holding sticks to keep the monkeys away. On the other hand, Pulaki Temple has a spectacular view to be enjoyed. Entering the temple you arrive at the mid court, and from here the glamorous blue of the Javanese sea can be seen clearly framed by the green hills on the right and left side. There are more stairs to climb if you wish to enter the main court where people put their offerings and pray. The main court is not more silent as it should be because the monkeys are hanging out there waiting for the right moment to steal the fruit from the offering! People seem to get used to the noise made by the monkey and do their prayers with full concentration.More spectacular views are available from the upper part of the temple compound, where there is a narrow path that can be a bit slippery during rainy days. Make sure you go through this path when you visit the temple. You’ll be trekking amidst the local corn fields while your eyes get seduced by the picturesque scenery of the ocean and hills, and the sound from the sea is chilling you down on a hot sunny day.

How to get to Pulaki Temple :
1. 1 hour from Singaraja
2. 3 hours from Denpasar
3. 2 ½ hours from Tabanan

What you can see around Pulaki Temple :
1. Melanting Temple, As a matter of fact there are hundreds of Melanting temples that create a network all over the island of Bali. Each traditional market in Bali has its own Melanting temple (temple of trader) from which the traders and businessmen ask for fortune. The core of this Melanting temple network is main Melanting temple that is located in Banyupoh village, Buleleng regency, around 5 km from Pemuteran.
2. Pemuteran is a small fishing village on the northern coast of West Bali. This is a small laid-back village which has become increasingly popular with visitors in recent years. There are a number of waterfront resorts and its proximity to Lovina and West Bali National Park together with the extreme natural beauty of the area, has fuelled quite rapid growth in tourism infrastructure in the area.
3. West Bali National Park, The park is the last refuge of one of the most endangered birds of the world: the Bali Starling. Bali Barat is mountainous and consists of primary monsoon forest, mangrove forest, savannah and coral islands.

Pulaki Temple 2


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