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Beachwalk Kuta Beach

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 1

Bali, the island is very famous. Her beauty is very familiar in the ears of tourists, both local and foreign.Small Island with the highest tourist arrivals in Indonesia is indeed a very interesting visit. Because of the beautiful scenery (forests, mountains, sea, etc.) and leisure / fun refreshing.

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 2

Beachwalk Kuta Beach - Bali Start Here

Beachwalk Kuta, one of the mall / new venue in Kuta – Bali, located in front of Kuta Beach. With the slogan “Bali, Starts Here”, which opened in June-July 2012, Beachwalk can be used as a point of reference for a while in Bali.

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 3

Many unique eating places in Beachwalk. One of the restaurants there have a unique ritual dances every hour. All staff, supervisors and managers will be dancing around the restaurant with musical accompaniment nuanced cheerful and happy.

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 4

If you want to shop at Beachwalk, you will instantly find a variety of venues that maybe we have known and new in Indonesia. Beachwalk complete enough to be the “eye wash” for the shopping lovers.

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 5

For children – children who go on holiday, can perform the activities provided in the game at the venue Beachwalk BeachKids “Play time for tots to teens”, good game “Chipmunk” or a game of water in the aquarium glass while parents waited while enjoying the sights and dishes in upstairs.

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 6

Beachwalk Kuta Beach 7


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