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Bubuh Injin – Original Snack of The Gods Island

Bubuh Injin 1

Bubuh Injin or better known as the black sticky rice porridge is derived from the Bali island. Nothing distinguishes it from black glutinous rice porridge ever. Maybe just naming a different course in each area.

This Bubuh Injin made from black glutinous rice cooked with red sugar. As a complement, usually given during the presentation areh or running thick coconut milk cooked with salt and fragrant pandan leaves. There is also serving bubuh injin with not give areh but with a sprinkling of shredded coconut that was. Bubuh injin usually served at any event, party or gathering people.

This colour of bubuh injin is black with sweet and savory taste of harmony. Areh or coconut sprinkles on it adds flavor to this bubuh injin more tasty and delicious. In order to feel more refreshed, bubuh injin can also served by providing a few pieces of ice cubes. But if that is not too happy, bubuh injin while also delicious served warm.

Recipes of Bubuh Injin:

•    black glutinous rice, 125 grams
•    white glutinous rice, 75 grams
•    2 pandan leaves
•    water, 1 liter
•    water, 500 ml
•    brown sugar, 150 grams
•    2 pandan leaves
•    salt, 1 / 4 teaspoon
Material sauce:
•    coconut milk, 300 ml
•    salt, 1 / 2 teaspoon

How to Make:
1.    Boil water. Glutinous rice boiled with pandan leaves and occasionally breaking and stir until cooked.
2.    In another container, 500 ml of boiled water with brown sugar, pandan leaf, and salt, stirring until the sugar has dissolved and boil. Remove and filtering. Enter into the sticky rice porridge, stir well. Cook until boiling. Lift.Simmer the sauce ingredients to boil.
3.    Serve the porridge with coconut milk.

Bubuh Injin 2


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