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Bukit Surfing

Bukit Surfing

Along the rocky sandstone cliffs and curving coastline of the Bukit Peninsula, you’ll find 8 renowned spots that can give for sure to everyone what they are looking for. Meeting area of the professional surfers, the challenge of surfing big machine waves, sequences barrel after barrel with perfect walls is here.


Balangan refers to a beautiful little cove and beach. It is a fast left over a shallow reef, unsurfable at low tide, good at midtide with anything over 4ft swell; with an 8ft swell, this can be one of the classic waves.


The beach break of Dreamland is the easiest spots of the Bukit Peninsula. The only one that doesn’t have a reef breaks. It allows nearly beginner to have a try and an idea about what surfs can looks like. You can get a short righthander finishing by a barrel and a long lefthander starting by a tasty barrel section just off the take-off.


It’s a reef break with only one take off point. It is famous for its consistent and finely easy tuned barrels. It’s best at midtide during the dry season.


Just north of Padang-Padang, this outside reef break has three shifting peaks with fast left-hand tube sections that can join up if the conditions are perfect, low tide, 5ft swell.


Referred as “the Balinese Pipeline”, when this place is up, it is probably the most intense wave on the island. This super shallow, left hand reef break is a very demanding breaks that only works over 6ft swell from mid to high tide. Don’t go there if you can’t surf tubes, after the take off, you power along the bottom before pulling up into the barrel.


The most famous surfing break on Bali will be 6ft to 8ft with bigger sets. Uluwatu has about seven different breaks. The Peak, rises just to the left of the paddle-out cave, starts to work at high tide. It’s a fast-breaking, can take off from this inside part or further down the line and the reef under is extremely shallow. Racetrack, just to the right of the paddle-out cave, during a mid-low tide this produces long-running walls of water and racetrack surfing conditions. Outside Corner, just beyond racetrack, at low tide with big swell, the biggest and most lined up wave on Bali. This tremendous break can on good day a wave surfing for hundreds meters. Temples, a shifty and fickle wave spot just to the south side of the previously mentioned peak, can produce barrels at irregular and uncertain moment.


After Uluwatu, south coast of the peninsula, start the long hike down to the beach from the cliff top hotel. Several surfs break with for main wave a bowly righthander that can give good walls and solid barrels. Five foot is max before closeouts.

Green Ball

Set up in the middle of the south coast, down the Bali Cliff Hotel. During mid tide, a good righthander which first cranks up fast, then winds down slow, and finally provides a crushing bowl section at the edge of a channel.


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