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Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong 1

Bunut Bolong is a sacred and unique tree that has a hole on the body and it’s located right on the road. The name Bunut Bolong is given due to the unique characteristic of this tree. The word “bunut” is Balinese name for a species of fig family which has similar characteristic with banyan tree, and the word “bolong” means “hole”, so the word “Bunut Bolong” means a bunut tree which has a hole in it. As a matter fact, this sacred tree has a big hole in the bottom of it, so big that a road can through it and the diameter of the hole can accommodate two cars side by side. Bunut Bolong also have a strong magical aura that believed by all people who live near the tree area. Bunut Bolong is located in Manggisari Village, Subdistrict of Pekutatan, Jembrana Regency. It’s about 11 km to the north from the main Denpasar – Gilimanuk road, 86 km from Denpasar. The sacred tree is situated on the ridge of a hill flanked on east sides by clove plantation and on the west side gorge with excellent lush green tropical forest.The location is able to reach by car or motorcycle as well.

There was a shrine on the side of the road. The set of shrines that accompany this sacred tree is known as Pujangga Sakti Temple that is established to honor the great sage Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra who happened to pass this area hundreds years ago. In the west there is also forest expanse stretching from south to north is very fascinating to be enjoyed. If standing around Bunut Bolong, we will be able to see pimento plantation. Bunut bolong as one of tourism destination was still located in a very natural condition. There is no parking area, toilet, restaurant, and souvenir shop. Fresh air and quiet condition of Bunut Bolong will make all tourist who visit it feel relax and peaceful. For this time, Bunut bolong commonly visited by domestic tourist, but foreign tourist also visit this time sometime but not as much as domestic tourist. Bunut Bolong is a great place for those of you who want to visit the tour destination that are still natural and away from the crowds.

How to get to Bunut Bolong :
1. 2 ½ hours from Denpasar
2. 2 hours from Singaraja
3. 1 ½ hours from Tabanan

What you can see around Bunut Bolong :
1. Medewi Beach is best for early morning surfing but not suitable for sunbathing and surfing. However, the waves of the ocean can get rough in the month of August when even the fishermen from the villages do not risk venturing out at sea.
2. Rambut Siwi Temple, there are a number of temples throughout Bali commemorating miraculous events in the life of the 16th-century Javanese priest, Danghyang Nirartha. This one contains a relic, a lock of the sage’s hair (rambut) that is venerated (siwi).
3. Perancak Temple, in the small fishing village Perancak is located beautiful sea Temple Pura Gede Perancak. Here is before many centuries hired Dang Hyang Nirartha, which crossed Bali.

Bunut Bolong 2


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