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Candi Bentar

Candi Bentar

Candi Bentar is arch-shaped building term for two similar buildings and unvarying but a mirror symmetry that restricts the left and right of the entrance. The temple has no roof liaison briefly at the top, so that the two sides apart perfectly, and only connected at the bottom by the stairs.

The building is commonly called “split gate”, because of its shape as if the temple resembles a perfectly halved. This type of gate building especially prevalent in Java, Bali, and Lombok. Buildings like this alleged split gate first appeared in the Majapahit era.

At the Temple or Puri (Palace) Bali layout zone rules , either Candi Bentar or Kori Agung is an integral architectural design. Candi Bentar a gateway to the outer environment that limits outside the temple area with Nista Mandala (Jaba Pisan) outer zone of the temple complex, while the Kori Agung used as a gate in the environment in the temple and is used to limit Madya Mandala zone (Jaba Tengah) with the Utama Mandala (Jero) as an holiest area of ​​Bali’s temple. It can be concluded that both the temple complex as well as a place to live, Candi Bentar used for the outer environment, while Kori Agung for the environment in the temple.


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