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Functional Temple

Functional Temple - Pura Subak

Functional Temples have special characteristic of which the people (the caretaker of the temple) are those who have the same profession for their living such as; farmer, trader and fisherman. Examples of Functional Temples are as follows :

a. In Bali farming is one of main jobs to earn a living both for rice field and farm.

Having bound temple called Subak Temple or Ulun Empelan Temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Ulun Suwi Temple, Bedugul Temple, Alasangker Temple, Alas Harum temple and etc.

b. For Balinese people who have profession as trader in the community, they have bound temple called Melanting Temple that is commonly built at the market where sale and purchase transaction happens.

c.  For those whose jobs are fishermen, the bound temple is called Segara Temple, which is commonly built at the beach side where fishermen make the sea and beach as the place to make a living.


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