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Bukakak Ceremony

Bukakak Ceremony 1

Bukakak Ceremony is a meaningful ritual supplication to the Creator in the embodiment of the Goddess of Fertility for granted fertility to agricultural land cultivated and also hoping to get a good harvest and abundance.

The word itself implies Bukakak pork roll that only mature in the chest. Bukakak Ngusaba ceremony was conducted in the traditional village and not in other places. The village is a traditional village customs Sangsit Dangin Yeh Sawan is located in the district, Buleleng approximately 8 km East of the town of Singaraja Bali.

Villagers are an agrarian society that still faithfully adhere to customs and beliefs handed down from generation to generation their ancestral heritage and one that is always kept, maintained and carried out by the villagers is a ritual ceremony Bukakak

Bukakak ceremony has been made since ancient times and is still maintained until now, at the beginning of this ceremony performed 1 year, but due to the cost factor is not constrained a bit, finally ceremony is conducted every 2 years.

The ceremony has become a permanent event in the village and organized by Subak, the ceremony took place in April or full moon ‘Sasih Kedasa Bali’ according to the Javanese calendar.

Bukakak ahead before the ceremony was held, no preparation other preparations that do

Cleaning supplies ceremony.

The ceremony was held at the Ngusaba Gumi
Dangsil rectangular made of tree nut, with a series of bamboo decorated with palm leaves made old terraced levels / stairs staircase steps as consisting of 7.9 and 11 levels, this all represents Tri Murti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva )
Ngusaba ceremony at the temple located in the village.
Gedenin Subak temple ceremony.
While making the implementation pork is over or Bukakak itself is done at the local temple, at the pig roast is just the lower body are mature and the upper back left raw.

Once it is finished bolsters Pig Roast and considered mature at the bottom, and then placed over the offerings skid, which is made of 16 bamboo sticks decorated young palm leaves and buds of the flower buds are just beginning to bloom.

For the bearers / guides are divided into 2 groups, the bearers / guide Bukakak must be grown or married, they using red and white ceremonial dress, while the group that carried / loaded alit guides are teenagers dressed in white ceremonial yellow.

After all the rules of the ceremony is run, then Bukakak or pork roll is royally paraded accompanied Gamelan Tik Nong, around and around the rice fields to invoke blessings of the Goddess of Fertility and Tuhan Yang Maha Esa (God Almighty)

From the above it can be concluded exposure if we take care of, keep, care for nature and the natural environment will also keep us, they are not separated from the power of the creator.

Small Note >>

When the peak of the ceremony took place, the bearer / guides Bukakak is sprinkled with holy water, a strange thing happened, and not in the normal human logic which time Bukakak bearers of the mouth and the sound came out roaring sound like an odd yarn possessed unusual spirits, they have the power which exceeds from normal human in general.

Bukakak Ceremony 2

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