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Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah Temple 1

Located :
This temple is located at Dawan District, Klungkung Regency. It is about 50 km from Denpasar.

Descriptions :
The temple is known as Bat cave temple and one of tourist’s stop for sightseeing to East Bali. The location is on the stop of a hill on the beach. The view of Nusa Penida Island across the sea is a beautiful panorama. The name of Goa Lawah means cave of bats. Where hundreds of hanging bats are never leave the cave, only flying around the area and back again. Beside bats there are snakes which some times sleeping among the cliff on the mouth of the cave. Many said that some times white dog and chicken also appear on the area. No formal edicts or inscription mention the temple. The only source about this is manuscript called Usana Bali and Pasek Chronicle, which mentions the temple, was built on the order of Mpu Kuturan, once he was the minister of the king ruled Bali in 11th century. Myth says that the cave is going through Besakih Temple and the base of Mt. Agung.

According to the manuscript of Mengwi it is mentioned that one of the princes walked through the cave and arrived at Besakih Temple. During his walking in the cave he met many snakes, but when he arrived on the surface at Besakih he became deaf. No one has ever prove this story. The temple is dedicated to the god of the sea and also the god abode on mountain. One shrine is dedicated to the fairy tale Naga Basuki (Basuki Serpent). From the name Naga Basuki it suggests a close relation with Besakih temple. It is very probable that Gowa is the sea temple of Klungkung kingdom. Total shrines and pavilions are 25 units showing mixed worship between ancestor’s worship and Hindu gods. Ritual is a ceremony performed every 6 month based on Hindu-Java calendar. Fixed date of the ceremony can be read in Balinese calendar which is already printed on November for the next year.

How to get to Goa Lawah Temple :
1. 1 hours from Sanur
2. 45 minutes from Gianyar
3. 30 minutes from Candidasa

What you can see around Goa Lawah Temple :
1. Kertha Gosa (Courts Of Justice), the more famous painted ceiling of the Kerta Gosa has also gone through numerous changes this century. It had to be restored after the devastating earthquake of 1917 and was again repainted during the 1930’s by Pan Sekan, a master artist from nearby village of Kamasan.
2. Puputan Klungkung Monument, The big nation is the nation that could appreciate his hero’s services, that is the series of word motifated the regional Regency government of Klungkung to build the Puputan Klungkung Monument in order to recalls and appreciates services of the heroes who fell and was willing to sacrifice his body and soul as well as his property in maintaining and holding the self-esteem from the rape by colonial.

Goa Lawah Temple 2


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