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Kuta Square

Kuta Square 1

Kuta, the largest torist resort on the island of Bali is famous for its scenic charm -its wonderful view of sunset. In the evenings you will see plenty of people coming to the Kuta beach or seaside cafes to watch the sunset. If you go for a walk through Kuta Square, you must feel & enjoy. It is also the centre of night life and a shopping mecca, with its lines of shops, boutiques, and galleries. There are plenty of restaurants also.

In the south of Kuta,the Denpasar Airport is just 10 minutes away from here by taxi. Kuta Square is a narrow street here in kuta. It has gone through a huge development in the recent years. The place has become the shopper’s paradise. Mcdonalds is at the one end of Kuta Square & a KFC on the other.

There are a lot of shops in the Kuta Square. There you can also find shops of popular surf brands like Volcom, Rip Curl along with the small shops on both sides of the street. In the Kuta Square, there is a big Matahari department store, with a huge collection within affordable range. The collection of T-shirts in the 3rd floor must catch your eyes if you desire to buy. The Matahari deparatment store is also very handy for electrical adaptors and equipment, clothing, footwear and a variety of daily items. There is a little but beautiful collection of musical instruments including guitars, tambourines and harmonicas. A good selection of strings is also found. In front of Matahari there is a display of pirated software and other things like watches and cologne which draws the attention of the tourists. But tourists shoud be aware if they will buy anything from the beach. The sellers are trying to push, but do not try to respond. Just try to avoid them with a gentle ‘thank you’.

Kuta Square 2


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