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Menjangan Island Diving

Menjangan Island Diving

Almost similar as French Polynesia, surrounded by hectares of excellent unspoiled coral reef with a high diversity of species and colors. Menjangan Island Diving, excellent visibility of the water referred to have the most of marine life and regarded as the best place for dive site in the island.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island popular diving site in Bali due to its fine and preserved corals, its rich aquatic animal, turquoise clear water, and very calm sea. Every divers coming to Bali emphasize on diving program in Bali will put Menjangan site as the priority site. You will have ample time snorkeling to enjoy Menjangan Island with beautiful coral and abundant tropical fish is claimed to be one of the best Bali diving or snorkeling site must be offered. The best wall diving in Bali, with a very bright & colorful underwater world. Lots of different sites to choose from, including a wooden shipwreck starting at 35m. A very rich marine life and sandy beaches to relax over lunch.

Secret Bay

A quiet bay in the North West corner of Bali, 35 minutes from Menjangan Island.
Home to some of the best macro-delights in the area. Nudibranch, Frogfish, Shrimpfish, Seahorses, Dragonets, Pipefish and much more. This nursery site allows the smallest of critters to develop relatively unmolested by larger predators. A patient photographer’s paradise, and one of the most remote and peaceful places in Bali to dive. Dive at high tide to get the most from this site, avoid stirring up the mud, and bring a good wetsuit for these chilly waters.


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