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Nusa Dua Surfing

Nusa Dua Surfing

Nusa Dua Surfing quite surprising to find, in front of the five star resort hotels, one of Bali’s best reef breaks with very consistent swells. Where the crowd comes during the wet season when the south east coast gives the better waves.

Nusa Dua

A cruelly evasive righthander made up of three definite peaks that work well on a small swell at low to mid tide during the wet season. At the Top Peak you can negotiate big take off and take unrestrained pleasure in barreling righthand walls. The Middle Peak starts with a jacking take off into an eternally long wall and the End Section Peak which is perforated with yet more bowls and walls.

Sri Lanka

In front of the Club Med, a fast, barreling right reef break which works best at mid tide and can handle swells from 6ft to 10ft. The reef is shallow and paddling out is easy through the channel…


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