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Pagerwesi – Fortify Ourselves from Bad Things

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Pagerwesi feast for Hindus in the mean as a day to enclose or confine themselves. Name of the Lord is venerated in this feast is Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru, which is another name of Lord Shiva as a manifestation of God to assimilate all that bad.

In his capacity as Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru, he became a teacher of the universe, especially human. Life without a teacher means living without a guide, so that our lives have no direction and all actions will become irregular.

Pagerwesi feast held on the day of Buddha (Wednesday) kliwon wuku Shinta. The feast was held 210 days. In Lontar Sundarigama mentioned: Wednesday kliwon Shinta named as Pagerwesi as a cult called Sang Hyang Guru Pramesti accompanied by Dewata Nawa Sanga (the nine deities) to develop all that is born and everything that grows around the world.

Actual execution of the ceremony Pagerwesi more are required for priest or clergy of religious leaders. In Lontar Sundarigama mentioned: The minister should do ngarga and mapasang lingga worship as appropriate Sang Hyang Prameswara (Pramesti Guru). Middle of the night to do yoga samadhi, there labaam (offerings) to the Panca Maha Bhuta, segehan (made from rice) and delivered in five residents protested pages (praying place).

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