Bali Camel Safari’s

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Bali Camel Safari 1

• Bali is one of islands in Indonesia, which has more value than the other islands in Indonesia. There are varieties of culture, customs and traditions, friendly people, food and the beach with its white sands and also the nature with the weather which always fresh because the beauty and safety of Bali island. Many tourist domestic and foreigners come to Bali.

• Nusa Dua is one of beautiful places which is located in the in the south part of Bali. Nusa Dua is a name of the area which is not strange again for tourist domestic or foreigners. In this place many standard international hotels and tour facilities. For instance: Marine Sport, Turtle Island Tour, Dolphin Tour and Many Others.

• For that reasons we come to complete the tour attraction in Bali. We want to introduce camel tour in Nusa Dua Bali. We take action on, 18th of July 1996 in Tanjung Benoa, because there are many activities in the beach and for the safety of the guest. Next three years we move to the Nusa Dua Beach, certainly in the Nikko Bali Resort and Spa Beach with the Bali Camel consolation, you can ride a camel in the side part of the beach with its white sands of Nusa Dua and the nature around it with some of temples there.

• Before we take action, we have already trained our animal to adapt to people and the environment. And also we choose some of the professional tamers to guide you. All of the animals that we use are become accustomed to serve the guest from the different age. Don’t worry because our animals do not disturb you. To keep our quality, we always give the priority for the safety and the pleasure of the guest.

• With more experiences that ever we done, more than 7500 people have already served by us every years. Although we never find an accident in our place, we always give the insurance for every tourist who wants to enjoy our camel tour. “Enjoy the New Experience

Bali Camel Safari Logo

Our Activity Packages:


Safari 1
1 hour Camel Safari with Lunch , Parasailling, Banana Boat, and Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island.

Adult : US $ 100
Child : US $ 90

Bali Camel Safari 2


Safari 2
1 hour Camel Safari

Adult : US $ 40
Child : US $ 25

Bali Camel Safari 3


Safari 3
1 hour Camel Safari with lunch or dinner.

Adult : US $ 75
Child : US $ 45

Bali Camel Safari 4


Safari 4
30 minutes Camel Safari

Adult : US $ 25
Child : US $ 20

Bali Camel Safari 5

NB :
4 person include return transfer.
2 person + US $ 10, kuta, seminyak, & sanur area
2 person + US $ 5, jimbaran & nusa dua

Bali Camel Safari Latest Curvy


Safari 5
1 Hour Camel Safari with aroma therapy or balinese massage or balinese custom

Adult : US $ 70
Child : US $ 60

Bali Camel Safari 6


Camel Safari Photo Wedding

1 hour Camel Safari photo pre-wedding : US $ 120/Couple
30 minutes Camel Safari photo pre-wedding : US $ 70/Couple

Bali Camel Safari 7



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