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Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach 1

Pandawa Beach or Secret Beach may not sound familiar and not so well known for today. But save a million charm of beauty that has not been exposed and are still oppressed by limestone cliffs. This “newly found” Pandawa Beach is situated in Kutuh Village, a small village in in southern part of Bali which is famous for its seaweed cultivation.

The beach can be accessed by driving down through an enormous human-made quarry-like ravine in central Bukit. Pandawa Beach will be another tourist destination in the southern part of Bali, Beside the Tanjung Benoa beach and Uluwatu temple.

Pandawa Beach 2

Pandawa Beach boasts white sand, quiet and serene atmosphere and many opportunities to grab the phenomenal sunrise and sunset views from the greatest angles. This beach is also well-known as one of the landing locations for paragliding tours. Pandawa Beach is a “newly found” beach there are only few tourists that visit this beach creating a serene and quiet beach that is good for relaxing and retreat. There is a brand new cafe and restaurant with cold drinks and good simple food, deckchairs and umbrellas, but hardly any visitors.

There are also enormous niches excavated out of the cliff face that will hold massive statues, there is fishermen sailing offshore and a pretty steady stream of Balinese heading to the temple adding a beautiful touch to incredibly scenic panorama.

Pandawa Beach 3

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