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Bali is a shopper’s paradise. One product that is extremely popular with visitors to the “Island of the Gods” is batik. Sari Amerta Batik is one of the famous Gallery selling batik products, ranging from wall hangings to table clothes to men, ladies, and children clothing. Prices and quality range from one extreme to another. A great way to see a wide range of Batik product, and also how it is made, is to hire a driver for a half day

This will set you back about 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah or roughly 20.00US. Half a day should be five hours, although our driver short changed us by about 45 minutes. He was in a hurry to get to a relative’s wedding, so we didn’t say anything. Most of the batik “factory” shops are in close proximity to each other. Travel time is about 25 minutes from Ubud in the town of Batubulan.

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The prices here are in the medium to high range. There is a large selection of men’s and ladies clothing. If you are in the market for table clothes and napkins this is the place. Like the first store, you can also tour the workshop. We bought batik bags here, and a dress for a gift.

A half day is plenty of time to travel to and browse the shops. Be warned, when we were there none of the shops had the air conditioning on, so all three were VERY hot. Numbers 1 and 3 had areas where customers could sit. They also allowed smoking, which really surprised me! The prices are advertised as “fixed”, but if you are buying a lot or an expensive piece, negotiation is possible.

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