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Singaraja, which means Lion King, one of the few places where the traces of the Dutch period is visible. This is the second largest city in Bali and a major educational and cultural centre.

From the highest point on the mountain pass, 1,220 meters above sea level, a spectacular descent brings you to the northern coast at Singaraja, capital of Buleleng regency. It is a strip of land that stretches along the whole northern coast of Bali, open to the sheltered waters of the Java Sea, and bordering on most of the other regencies. It is also known as the island’s chief coffee growing area. It has drier climate than the south, rather than rice, the fields yield Indian corn, oranges, and crops of dry agriculture.

Find the most refreshing place to swim here, Yeh Sanih with its shimmering pool of blue and green, flowing from the underground springs. It is a great place for historical and recreation time.

How to get to Singaraja :
1. 15 minutes from Lovina
2. 2 ½ hours from Denpasar
3. 2 hours from Tabanan

What you can see around Singaraja :
1. Ponjok Batu Temple, is a stone temple where all temple buildings are made from stone. This temple area own the wide area about 35 acre in form of black stones bank. The position of this temple is rather sticking out to the sea as a foreland or Ponjok. Base on the position and condition then this place is named by Ponjok Batu so that the temple is standing above foreland petrify and it is referred as Ponjok Batu Temple.
2. Beji Temple, Some say this is the largest temple and Subak temple in North Bali. For local people this temple is known as Pura Subak; subak here refers to the organization for water supply or irrigation. Pura Subak is a holy place and here you can worship Dewi Sri the Goddess of rice and the symbol of prosperity.
3. Meduwe Karang Temple, One of northern Bali’s largest temples, its terraced entrance recalls some of Europe’s stately baroque gardens. Steps lead past 34 stone figures from the Ramayana to a big, peaceful, nearly empty courtyard. More steps lead to an inner section containing a huge stone pyramid like base flanked by two bale reserved for offerings.
4. Banjar Hot Spring, The hot spring (air panas) are only a short distance west of the monastery. Eight carved sandstones Nagas spew water from a natural hot spring into the first bath, which then overflows (via the mouths of five more nagas), into a second larger pool. In a third pool, water pours from three-meter-high spouts to give us a pummeling massage. The water is slightly sulphur and pleasantly hot, so you might enjoy it more in the morning or the evening than in the heat of the day.
5. Git-Git Waterfall, The path is lined with souvenir stalls, and persistent guides offer their services, which you have no need for at all. The 40 meters waterfall is quite pretty, and a great place for a picnic.

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