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Tumpek Krulut – Ritual for Harmony through Music

Tumpek Krulut 1

Tumpek Krulut ceremony is Balinese celebrate a holyday for musical instrument. Musical instruments are sacred items for the Balinese, and a special day, known as Tumpek Krulut is dedicated for all musical instruments, mask, and other tool for art performances that are used in the numerous religious ceremonies in Bali. The Tumpek Krulut takes its name from the name of week of its occasion.

It is celebrated every 210 days, in the 17th week of Balinese Pawukon cycle (a cycle consist of 30 weeks). On this special day, offerings are given to pay homage to the musical instruments, masks, and dance costumes. The instruments and other paraphernalia are cleaned, decorated with young coconut leaf offerings, given a special set of offering and sprinkled with holy water.

The members of the group that use the instruments, costumes and masks, pray together and ask a blessing from the God. On this special day, parents who have a child with a speech impediment will try to steal the remnant of offering that is dedicated to the musical instrument and give it to their child. Balinese believes that the remnant of this offering has a special power to heal the speech impediment.

This practice is a common phenomenon in Tumpek Krulut ceremony.

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