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Tumpek Wayang

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PURSUANT to tradition of Hindu community in Bali, Saturday October 29, 2011, is called the Tumpek Wayang. On this day, all the puppeteers and those who have a puppet in Bali will give a special ceremony to theirs. They call the Tumpek Wayang as Odalan Wayang. In addition, many people choose Tumpek Wayang as an auspicious day to perform purificatory rite (ruwatan) both physically and mentally.

Tumpek Wayang has a very special position and is considered the most sacred. Why? Because of Tumpek Wayang poses a pile of transitional times falling on Saniscara (Saturday), Kajeng, Kliwon, Wayang. Saniscara (Saturday) is the last day in the count of Saptawara (seven-day week); Kajeng is the last day in the count of Triwara (three-day week); and Kliwon is the last day in the count of Pancawara (five-day week). Meanwhile, Tumpek Wayang is the last tumpek in the six sequences existing in the cycle of Balinese pawukon-based calendar. On that account, Tumpek Wayang becomes the day filled with transitional times.

Other than due to confluence of the last days, Tumpek Wayang is also considered sacred because the Hindus always link the day as the birthday of Lord Kala. That is why the Tumpek Wayang has close connection with Sapuh Leger mythology, or refers to the mythology of the birth of Lord Kala as the aftermath of improper sexual intercourse of Lord Shiva and his spouse Goddess Uma. In the mythology is mentioned, they engage in an improper sexual intercourse so it is called kama salah and the birth of Lord Kala is said to be Salah Wetu (wrongly born). Similarly, people born on Tumpek Wayang are considered wrongly born so they have less good and sickly properties.

There are several versions about the mythology of the Lord Kala’s birth. In the Kala Tattwa chronicle is recounted that Lord Shiva got his passion when having a leisurely walk with Goddess Uma on the beach. At that time, Lord Shiva saw the beautiful calf of Goddess Uma because her clothes were revealed by the blowing winds. Lord Shiva then wooed the Goddess Uma to ‘make a love’. The goddess refused on the grounds that behavior of Lord Shiva violated the applicable norms in heaven.

Since the lust of Lord Shiva flared up, his semen was dripping into the ocean and then discovered by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. The sperms were then given a mantra. From the sperm of Lord Shiva was then born an ogre who was snarling angrily asked who his parents were. Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu told that Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma were his parents.

Before Lord Shiva was willing to admit the ogre as his son, he first asked the ogre to cut his long fangs. By doing so, he would be able to see his parents in a complete form. The ogre then complied with the requirements. Other than blessing, the Lord Shiva also named his son the Lord Kala. To honor the day of his birth, Lord Shiva gave a boon that Lord Kala was allowed to prey on people who were born on Tumpek Wayang. In addition, he was also given the rights to prey on people who were having a promenade at noon on Tumpek Wayang.

Later, Lord Shiva had another son named Lord Kumara, who was also born on Tumpek Wayang. In accordance with the grace of Lord Shiva, Lord Kala was entitled to prey on Kumara. However, on the request of Lord Shiva, Lord Kala may prey on Kumara if this younger brother had grown up.

As a matter of fact, Lord Shiva was unwilling if his son would be savored. Therefore, Lord Shiva gave a boon to Lord Kumara that he would never grow up or always be a kid. Since Kumara never grew up, the patience of Lord Kala came to an end. Lord Kumara was chased by him. In the pursuit, Lord Kala came across with Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma riding the cow Nandini at midday. They also wanted to be gobbled down by Lord Kala pursuant to the promise of his father. Then, Lord Shiva gave the puzzle first, if Lord Kala wanted to prey. Unfortunately, Lord Kala was unable to answer all the riddles and the sun was almost leaning to the west. As a result, the time to prey on Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma virtually elapsed. Then, Lord Kala continued his pursuit to prey on Lord Kumara.

Ultimately, Lord Kala encountered a puppet shadow play. Since he was very hungry, he devoured the entire oblation of the show. The puppeteer begged all the edible offerings to be thrown back entirely. Lord Kala could not fulfill the request. Instead, he promised not to prey on people who were born on Tumpek Wayang, if they had organized a ceremony and staged the Wayang Sapuh Leger.

Based on the mythology the people who were born on Tumpek Wayang should perform the self-purificatory rite with the presentation of puppet shadow play staged under the title of Sapuh Leger.

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