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Bali Buffalo Race (Makepung)

Bali Buffalo Race 1

For this Bali Buffalo Race unique event, buffalo’s are paired off and rigged to a wooden chariot contraption that is driven by a single jockey. It is believed to have developed in the 1920’s as a form of recreation for the local community after a successful rice harvest.

It is said that some farmers even rode on the bare backs of the buffalos before they invented a small wagons. It was some years later that the races developed into a competitive event. Nowadays, the participants decorating their wagons as well as the animal. They’ll dress the buffalos and wrapped their horns with the colored cloth to make them stand out in the crowd. It’s not always about the race but it does add to the spirit and prestige for the event. This event usually takes place during the dry season when the skies are invariably clear and cloudless.

If you are interesting to attending this unique and traditional event, please ask for the buffalo-racing schedule. Better, not miss it while you are in Bali.

Bali Buffalo Race 2


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