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Carrefour Bali

  Carrefour Bali

Carrefour Bali, the huge hypermarket of the French retailer located at the Sunset road Kuta is selling clothing, fridges, food, furniture, dairy products, computers, TVs etc. Boutiques, food court, bookstores can be found on the third floor. This Carrefour Bali can be a comfortable place to shop and relax and it has a large parking area. At this huge shopping center you can get all you needs including household groceries, textiles, bazaar etc. Let’s go shopping at department store in Bali!

Carrefour 1 Carrefour 2
Carrefour 3 Carrefour 4
Carrefour 5 Carrefour 6
Carrefour 7 Carrefour 8
Carrefour 9 Carrefour 10

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