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The Existence of Balinese Voodoo

Balinese Voodoo

In Bali the power of ‘teluh desti terangjana‘ (Balinese High Powerful Black Magic) or Balinese Voodoo use some facilities. Including timber which is made to resemble the human form. Then given offerings and spells to harm the targeted person. And if a quick glance at the far side, then in some African countries there is same rituals as the strength teluh in Bali, called the Voodoo.

Voodoo is a kind of black magic power by using teluh doll or statue. This Black Magic strength was developed in Africa, and no one knows how big the Voodoo when attackings. According Soelung Lodhaya (The founder of Rwa Bhineda Spiritual Groups-Bali), one of Africa Voodoo doll owners in Bali are saying that there is agreement with the devil in the ritual.

“I have the original Voodoo doll from zinbabwe, Africa is five hundred years olds” he said. Voodoo doll statue made of wood is naturally hollowed hole from the tips. And that is regarded as the king of Voodoo dolls. Agreement is referred to the devil in order to rising of black magic power with some Voodoo ritual, one has to flush Voodoo doll with fresh blood.

If the level of ordinary Voodoo used fresh blood especially black cats, crows, black dogs, black snakes and all the black animals blood. there was an agreement with the power of Satan to be used to hurt someone. The Voodoo dolls is held in such a way to attack some one and then stabbed with a needle on someone;s name who are chosen to hurt. Suddenly Voodoo powers will react to those who targeted. Only this “Ordinary Voodoo” can not be used to killing people who are targeted.

But ‘king of Voodoo’ Power was very fierce Voodoo, and can be controlled from a distance and deadly. And rituals are also very heavily traveled.

To the African, Voodoo ‘king’ use on the ritual offerings, and sacrifice an adolescent girl . “The ritual was held hundreds of years ago,” explained Soelung who has examined about the existence of this Voodoo. Voodoo users, will stab and cut the girl’s chest with ostrich leg bone, which is dedicated to use in the ritual altar .

Then the heart was taken and dedicated to the devil, of course there is an agreement between the voodoo user with the devil before. Then the girl’s heart entered into in Voodoo doll. Now the voodoo doll are ready to use to hurt or kill someone who targeted, by the focusing on someone’s face and fill with fresh blood and stabbed.

Soelung said, if this voodoo attacked you, it will not be treated in any way to recover. Unless the Voodoo dolls wich is used to hurt you, is burned.

Or also those Voodoo user (voodoo shaman) dies so that his strength is gone and the targeted who suffered by Voodoo attack can recover again.


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