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Sangeh Monkey Forest & Taman Sari Temple

Sangeh Monkey Forest 1

Location :
It is located at the northern part of Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District Badung Regency. It is about 21 km from Denpasar and can be reached by car easily with a good road condition.

Descriptions :
In the 17th century during the golden period of Mengwi kingdom, I Gusti Ketut Karangasem, son of Gusti Agung Made Agung (King of Mengwi) founded a temple in the midst of nutmeg tree forest, later, it was called Bukit Sari Temple. The nutmeg tree forest with extent of 10 hectares is a holy territory that is securitized by Sangeh Customary Village and its vicinity. In the middle of such green and dense forest, lives over 600 tame and friendly monkeys that all the time appeal to visitor. Part from functioning as sacred place, Sangeh Monkey Forest, the forest along with the monkeys comes to be a fascinating tourist object that is worth visiting.

According to the mythology from the local villagers, the word Sangeh is derived from the root “Sang” that means a determiner for person and “Ngeh” means seeing or observing. It is said that the nutmeg trees growing in the forest were originated from Mount Agung that performed a journey to Taman Ayun. They would be going to festoon the garden belonged to Mengwi Kingdom. Their journey was carried out in the evening to avoid from being observed. Unfortunately, people saw the nutmeg trees walking in a procession. They suddenly stopped. Spot where they stopped was named Sangeh that means one who sees.

Facilities :
A very wide parking lot, with starred–hotel standard toilet facility, souvenir and snack kiosks are also available to fulfill visitor’s need.

Sangeh Monkey Forest and Taman Sari Temple managed by :
Sangeh Monkey Forest is managed by Desa Adat Sangeh, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali.
Phone : (0361) 7422740
E-mail :

How to get to Sangeh Monkey Forest and Taman Sari Temple :
1. By car from Ngurah Rai International Airport around 1 hours drive
2. 30 minutes from Nungnung Waterfall
3. 60 Minutes from Plaga Village

What you can see around Sangeh Monkey Forest and Taman Sari Temple :
1. Only 60 minutes from Sangeh you can see the longest bridge in Bali calls Tukad Bangkung Bridge

Sangeh Monkey Forest 2


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