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SouthEast Coast Diving

SouthEast Coast Diving

Some of the best dives in Bali, explore the exceptional fauna and flora around the Gili Islands. Diving around this islands for the best chance of seeing sharks, lots of big ocean fish, canyons, caves and a healthy coral reef full of life. The other dive spots are reputed to be the best macro site of Bali.


Discovered in the last 5 years, this site took over from Secret Bay as the best macro site in Bali. There is a great dive site directly opposite the station, and right, and there are a number of dives to discover in this area. In a small area guides can see shrimp “Harlequin” Frogfish, pipe fish, crab “designer” shrimp “co mensal”, a wide variety of Flatworms, Lobster “squat” young “Lionfish, youth and adults moray eels, seahorses, cuttlefish and young Dragonetti

Gili Mimpang

A beautiful site, with or without white tip reef sharks so often seen here. Great corals and sponges, usually very good visibility and so much to see. Sweetlips yellow and black, sometimes Turtle and Napoleon Wrasse. Frequent downdrafts make it a serious site for divers

Gili Tepekong

A few hundred yards from Gili Mimpang this rocky outcrop has a number of sites generous. “The Canyon is known to be probably the most dangerous site in Bali. Dive in to see the colonies of Bump head Parrotfish, sharks and surreal rock formations. “Blue Hole” is a short depression which is the output of a single wall. By a nice day, you’ll exit in a blue water, surrounded by settlements stirring Fusiliers and yellow gold.

Gili Selang

Everything is great here, Big Fish, large moray eels and eel, large sharks and mainstream. Snappers midnight and colonies of tuna and Jack. Of healthy corals in sheltered areas, but strong stunted if they are exposed to currents in the ocean.

Gili Biaha

A small wall, a rich slope, and a cave at 12m in which more often than not you can find White Tips. This cave is also home to a large population of lobsters. In rougher conditions access to the cave is impossible, though the rest of the dive site should still be accessible. Not only big pelagic but good redfish too, with countless species of Butterfly fish & Fusiliers.

Blue Lagoon (Padangbai)

The white sandy beach and shallow clear blue waters make this an excellent site for both snorkeler and divers. Underwater, the bright sand and healthy bromines always offer something interesting; Octopus, Eels, Crocodile Fish and Stonefish to name just a few. Head north and you can find a short but rich stretch of wall. Excellent night diving location.

Jepun (Padangbai)

This shallow stretch of coral and rubble always seems to offer some excellent moonfish marine life; sometimes juvenile Sharks, sometimes Cuttlefish, sometimes Octopus. One of the best sites in Bali for a Turtle encounter.


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