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Sunset Coast Surfing

Sunset Coast Surfing

Sunset Coast Surfing is the place where the Indonesian surfing movement was born. The charm of surf is everywhere, Kuta concentrate the most important surf shops in the world. There are types of waves for everyone, where you’ll learn and improve your balance or try to confront with the local surfers.


Located north of Canggu is divided in two different peaks. The first one offers a good righthander and a fast but regularly sectioning left. The right walls up and heads toward a deep water channel, is usually a cruise but sometimes barrels. The second peak works as the opposite of the first peak, the left breaks toward a channel and the right sections. Best during mid to high tide with less than 6ft swell before close out. With Canggu catch up twice as much swells than Kuta.


A varied beach break set up over soft rock ledge, consisting of a long lefthander and a shorter right. The left can line up and peel into a tube, and the right is principally a drop and a short wall that you can really hook into. Work best at mid to high tide, and the optimum size is for Canggu is 5ft to 6ft.

Blue Ocean

Located in Seminyak, 66 beach, a popular beach break, fun lefts and rights spill all over the place, preferably at higher tide and during moderate swells.


Located in Legian, a place of lined up lefts and rights breaking toward each other. During high tide periods you can slash, ricochet and air all the way to the beach. Closes out above four to five feet.


The most famous spot of Kuta Beach can be ridden upon all tides, but low tide with a bigger swell usually produces more lined up waves.

Kuta Reef

The first wave to be discovered a while ago, located about a half kilometer out to sea. That is a long and sometimes nearly perfect lefthander that peaks, walls up, thunders all the way to the inside and gives up the occasionally barrel ride. Most of the time is crowded by locals, best at mid to high tide and wind conditions have to be nil to light.

Airport Lefts & Airport Rights

Airport Rights, a wonderful wave that concertinas into a big bay just to the right of the airport runway. Sometimes a righthand wave that can kick. Its require a solid and strong  swell, best at mid to high tide and wind conditions nil to moderate winds.
Airport Lefts, “Pertamina”, usually as big as or bigger than Kuta Reef. Decent and fun lefthanders are there for the grabbing, a primary take-off peak and then a second peak which jacks up on the first peak’s shoulder.


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