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West Coast Surfing

West Coast Surfing

Surfing the west coast of Bali will offer you the chance to find your own spots on your route to the both favorite spots. The only important thing is that you have to stand on your surfboard at sunrise, before the wind comes and the swell gone.


It’s a point break that can give a long ride right into the river mouth. This wave has a big drop, which fills up then runs into a workable inside section. To catch it you need to wake up early, because it gets blown out as the wind picks up. It works best at mid to high tide with a 6ft swell.


An enjoyable and consistent long lefthander that works well at mid to high tide with no wind. Workable walls, barrels, goofy foot can sometimes pilling all the way to the beach. The right is shorter but provides nice amusement. Watch the Balian River before get to the water, the sea water can sometimes get murky.


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