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Petitenget Temple

Petitenget Temple 1

In Banjar Batu Belig, Kerobokan, North Kuta, there is a golden sandy beach on whose shore line stands a temple called Petitenget Temple. The history of the place is not as glamorous as we might imagine from today’s jet set scene. Peti means coven and Tenget means haunted. The temple was built in the XV century, and history tells that the place was a wild area full of bushes and huge trees just like an untamed field.

The history of the temple starts when a priest called Dang Hyang Dwijendra left Serangan island and arrived in a village now known as Kerobokan. In the village he saw a giant size shadow hiding behind the bushes. He called the shadow to make an appearance; the shadow was Bhuta Ijo, the son of the God of Labuhan Masceti. Bhuta Ijo is a spirit which is believed to have a very scary look.

Before the priest left the village he gave Bhuta Ijo a box looking like a coven and told him to guard it. After a while during his meditation in Uluwatu, the priest had a visitor from Kerobokan village who came to him for help. The men from the village told the priest about an area of a land nearby his village which was very mysterious because every time someone tried to enter the land, the person got sick. As a solution, the priest told the man to built a shrine.

So the shrine was built in the area and magically it successfully made the area become more people friendly. There is no creepy atmosphere anymore especially today when the temple is surrounded by villas, hotels and restaurants. Petitenget during day time is sleepier than during night time when the lights come on in every corner of the area.

How to get to Petitenget Temple :
1. By car from Kuta only 10 minutes drive
2. 30 minutes from Nusa Dua
3. 30 minutes from Sanur

What you can see around Petitenget Temple :
1. The famous Kuta Beach
2. Shopping along Legian Street there is a lot of art shop
3. Seminyak Square

The activities around Petitenget Temple :
1. Bungy Jumping located on the magnificent Kuta Beach, the AJ Hackett Bungy Tower is hard to miss. Simply look North past the busy beach scene, where locals and visitors alike indulge in the Bali lifestyle.
2. WaterBOM is exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart! There are 101 ways to fill 24 hours each day with thrilling activities on land and in water. For relaxation, drift leisurely in a tube raft or go for a tranquil dip in inviting blue pools.
3. Swimming or Surfing at Kuta Beach

Petitenget Temple 2


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