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South East Coast Surfing

South East Coast Surfing 1

Wait the wet season, swells over 6ft and the South East Coast Surfing of Bali will be your dream with excellent world-class barrels. Don’t be too proud of yourself because some waves could break everything.


What used to be a secret spot but with the connection of the island by a causeway and bridge, has quickly been one of Bali’s most crowded and popular spot during the wet season. The surf is made of several right and left reef peaks at all tides.

Hyatt Reef

Located offshore of the Hotel Bali Hyatt, the waves rises and crashes just to the right of a very deep reef channel. The righthander is dividing in two peaks, the unpredictable Outside Peak and the more well shaped Inside Peak with long and makeable walls. Mid tide and up is the best with no wind.

Tandjungs Rights & Lefts

In front of the Hotel Tandjung Sari, Tanjung Right is made up of three prominent peaks. A very long and sometimes perfect wall. The reef is seriously shallow, hollow waves even at high tide with a max 4ft swell before closeout. Tanjung Lefts, down the line and across the channel gives long left rides at low tide with a big swell.

Sanur Reef

An inconsistent but sometimes impressively open right that breaks in front of the Grand Bali Beach Hotel. When the swell is over 6ft, Sanur Reef winds and wraps way down the reef and generates extreme barrels over an insanely shallow inside section.

Padang Galak

North of Sanur beach, Padang Galak means “Wild Land” in Indonesian and is formerly known as “Secrets”. There are a series of black sand beach break peaks that can be great one day or flat the next day. Up to 4ft, rights and lefts can be found all over the place from low to mid tide.


Quite a difficult place to find east of Padang Galak, a knotty righthander that breaks in only two feet of water and right onto a lava shelf covered by coral. Full of courage a standing room only barrel is waiting to be riding. High Tide breaks only.


South East Coast Surfing 2


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